About Professional Pitstop

If you've ever felt like the odds are stacked against you in work, e.g for promotion or getting a project etc., then Professional Pitstop is for you!

Growing up, my mum was a stay at home mum and my dad took early retirement. Neither of them had a college or university education.

Unfortunately, my father was a man with many vices so his early retirement didn’t last long. He went from once holding a steady desk job to a store clerk in the local supermarket. Not much later and also due to his vices, he passed away when I was fifteen. 

Life got real hard real fast. Despite a middle class facade, when it came to the government, we were on the poverty line. That’s when I started working. I kept up my schooling but I never stopped working. 

I, thankfully, did receive a college education. My mother was always astute with money so a combination of some parental savings, work savings, government grants and a scholarship program saw me through my education.

As part of my degree, I took internships. I had no idea what to expect in this new world of work. The main lessons I received were:

  • Be on time

  • Dress appropriately

  • Work Hard

  • Be Polite

I entered the world of tech, aged 21, for an internship in Germany. It was the first really large company I had ever worked for and, wow, was I burned. I put my hand in the middle of so many fires because I didn’t have anyone in my network who had been in this world before and those four lessons above weren’t enough! I soon learned. I learned a lot!!! 

In a relatively condensed period of time I’ve worked for notable tech companies, been promoted four times, have led multiple teams of varying sizes (up to 13) and have built new programs and processes for recruiting operations in North America, Europe and Latin America. For a small town girl from Ireland, who was destined for a store job like her father, this is incredible. 

And now I get to pass on the wisdom of these experiences to you!

This is why I have founded Professional Pitstop! Whether you are a recent grad, a young professional, a first time manager, an entrepreneur etc., I have some incredible stories and content to share; content that will help you, fellow underdog, rise higher than you think you can go! Because I believe in you and you have so much potential. Let’s unlock it together...